After working all week it is so nice to relax and have some fun on a Friday night. That is exactly what we did when we visited Grinkers Grand Palace in Eagle! If you haven't been to Grinkers before you've probably heard about the 80's and 90's style classic video game arcade, that's Grinkers!

This place is made for having fun. All machines are only .25 cents so you can spend $5 and play for hours. The staff was friendly and helpful in getting lots of quarters, plus there were more machines than I thought there would be. The place is packed with so many games, I noticed video games that I had completely forgot about since my early childhood years.

It was nice that even on a Friday night the arcade wasn't packed so even if someone was playing the game you wanted, wait 2 minutes and it was open. My favorites while playing on Friday night were Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and a variety of different racing games.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins
Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

We thought the games were going to be more than just a quarter for each play so we got $20 in quarters. The good news is that we still have enough quarters for another visit to Grinkers soon. If you haven't gone into Grinkers before definitely, make it happen, it was so much fun.

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