When you get into a new relationship there is nothing like those butterflies in your stomach, but my relationship just went through a test that made me realize that what we have is real. 

Little back story (literally), I have two steel rods and 28 3 inch screws in my back from scoliosis surgery. I can't bend my back at all, it's as stiff as a board and if I'm not careful, it can give me trouble.

Since being in quarantine, I've wanted to get some things done around the house and I've worked a little harder than I should. My back was achey all day on Tuesday and as I was cleaning up dinner, the pain really started to kick up. I told my kids I needed to lye down with a heating pad, but after their Dad picked them up the pain got worse and worse and worse. When I couldn't hold a conversation, couldn't put weight on my left foot, and felt like it was hard to breathe, I told my "secret boyfriend" that I needed to go to InstaCare right away.

I didn't even have pants on at this point and I looked like complete garbage from the stress of the whole ordeal. I kept saying to my boyfriend "I don't want you to see me like this." Not only did I not want him to see me physically a mess, but in being desperate for pain relief, I hated having him see me so weak.

When I saw the doctor, he could visibly see my muscles spasm. He prescribed me some muscle relaxers and I eventually settled in for the night.

My point is, my boyfriend never once judged me for looking horrible or being a big baby, he was just there for me in a way that I haven't had in a long time since my divorce. I'm so grateful to have found someone who just likes me for me inside and out and it feels really good to have a partnership again.

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