There are some tell-tale signs that the guy we've been out with once or twice can be the boyfriend we've been searching for.  Cool!  Now what in the heck are those signs what's the filter we need to put him through?

If he's a nice guy and he doesn't want to play games, Marie Claire says those are a couple of signs that he's a keeper.

If he's reliable you see evidence of it regularly, the magazine says that's a big one too.

Yes!  Be on time!   A few weeks ago I had a date with a guy on Saturday night at 8 and it had been on the calendar since the Tuesday before, and we had talked about it several times between Tuesday and Saturday.  Then on Saturday night at 8:06 I got a text saying he was leaving his house and would be there to pick me up shortly.  What?! Am I the only one that thinks that's a huge faux pas?  I penalized him 15 yards in my head for a personal foul.  There's a grace period of course for traffic and other issues that can't be controlled, but this guy was just sittin' at home as far as I could tell and he was still late. We're all busy and shouldn't be disrespectin' other people's time I say.

Marie Claire says another sign that he's boyfriend material is feeling comfortable around him.  If you can carry on an easy conversation and you're not trying too hard to impress him that's a good thing.  And then bring on the sweat pants!  If both of us can be comfortable in around-the-house clothes that's a great for the relationship.  Because sweat pants happen.

If you've been with your guy for a few months or married for awhile and you think life has gotten kinda boring, remember that us single peeps are striving for that!  Yoga pants and conversations that have a little history behind them are a sign that the relationship has graduated to another level and you should be proud.

As long as he's nice and on time, you've got it made.

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