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It's not really Black Friday, unless you see a fight or two....and you can really get into the Christmas spirit by tazing someone.

On Black Friday, two men started brawling at a mall in Philadelphia . . . then their two WIVES started brawling. The two women were captured on video early Friday morning throwing punches at a Philadelphia, Penn. mall before one of the women used a stun gun the other.


"It started out, one couple was fighting with another couple," explained Mike Napolitano, who captured the carnage. "They had words, the guys got into a fight and then the girls. One couple, they were like a family and all, with a young child in a stroller."


The fighting women soon tackle each other to the ground after exchanging blows before what appears to be a stun gun goes off.


Black Friday brawls are all too common every year, as seen in the recent surge of videos that have surfaced over the last day of violence across the states.

 There's no word on any arrests . . . but there is[onescreen] video.