When the South Meridian YMCA opened in 2018, it did so without a feature that's common to most YMCA locations across the country - a pool. The dream has always been for this Y to have an aquatic center and today, they're taking one giant step forward toward making that dream a reality. 

According to the Idaho Press, the South Meridian YMCA originally planned to open with the aquatic center ready to go but there wasn't enough money to pay for the $15 million project.  They tried to finance it through a Western Ada Recreation District bond, but the bond failed at the polls in 2016.

So the YMCA staff got to work and managed to fundraise $13 million for the pool, more than enough to get the ball rolling! They'll break ground on the 22,000 square foot aquatic center this morning (Thursday, August 15) at 10 a.m. Upon its completion, Y members will have access to a lap and lesson pool, recreation/family pool, waterslide, lazy river, kids pool with beach entry and outdoor splash pad.

As part of the celebration, members of the community are welcome to attend the ground breaking and enjoy a free full day at the South Meridian YMCA, regardless if you're a member or not. That's a huge opportunity if you've been considering joining the Y!

I'm one of those people. I'm currently between gym memberships and not sure where to go next. Before moving to Boise nearly a decade ago, I never experienced what being a member at a big fitness center was like...and needless to say, I wasn't a fan of the experience. I'm a fairly tiny woman, but I've been running distance for 17 years, competed at the state level in high school track and as an adult have completed six full marathons. I know my way around the gym but every time I went to one of these big fitness centers, I've been approached by some muscle head who thought I was some sort of damsels in fitness distress who needed rescuing. Big, big turn off.

It made me homesick for the YMCA I belonged to back in my hometown. Things like that didn't happen there when I used it as a student athlete and as an adult when I'm back in the area to visit family. Plus, I like how a lot of Y aquatic centers separate their lap pool from their recreation pool so that you have your choice of working out or relaxing. That's why the Y is near the top of my list for my next potential fitness membership.

Help a sister out. Where do you workout at? If you'd recommend it to a friend, vote for it in the poll below!

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