I'm a dork, I admit it, I'm a huge fan of Shoshone Falls and it's amazing beauty. Usually at this time of year the falls is just a trickle...but because of the massive amount of rain and snow this year, Shoshone Falls is already a sight to behold especially now since it's running at over 7000 cubic feet per second.Check out the before and after video comparison of just one week's difference in flow...that's a lot of power.  Two weeks ago the flow was at about 3500 cfs....this week the flow over the falls has almost doubled to over 7000 cfs and it's pretty spectacular.

This picture shows what the falls normally looks like this time of year









So once again, this weekend would be a fantastic time to make the quick trip to Twin Falls to see Shoshone Falls or maybe a few other falls in what is known as the city of water falls that I told you about earlier this week.

Here is another video that shows what Shoshone Falls is usually like this time of year compared to what it is right now this year.




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