There is a petition that was started to stop a certain musician from coming out of retirement. I would sign it in a minute. Mike would never sign it.

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An online petition on was launched in response to Phil Collins' announcement that he is coming out of retirement. Brian Pee of New York, currently has more than 400 of the 500 signatures needed to be officially sent to the U.N.

I'm in favor of Phil Collins never making another song again or singing on a stage ever again. But I don't understand what the United Nations can do about the Sussudio singer. That seems like a waste of their time. I'm sure they have way more important things to do. Plus I can just not buy a ticket to the reunion tour. Problem solved. I do think it's funny a guy can't stand him just as much as me and took it this far. Mike would disagree. He sang on stage with Phil Collins and falls asleep to "In The Air Tonight" (it's weird).

In response to this petition, one of Phil's fan club members launched a campaign to get 100 signatures to welcome Collins out of retirement. This petition will send a letter directly to the artist himself.