Macho can only get a guy so far it seems.

Men's Health Magazine says the way to a woman's heart is through humility, and that's more attractive than a cocky attitude. Here's how to make it happen guys, so you can get that hot date and keep her around.

It's a fine line between cocky and confident, right?  Most of us want our guy to have confidence, and be able to take care of business when the time comes. It's attractive when a guy has a certain "I've-got-this" attitude, and we can rest assured that whatever it is we're worried about will turn out just fine.  Confidence is sexy at home and at work and on the football field and when doing piles of laundry too.  If you handle it well guys, good things will happen!  But arrogance and cockiness are a turn-off.

Humility is a quality that most women look for, according to Men's Health, and it can be cultivated over time.  Ya don't have to be a humility expert from the get-go fellas, so that's cool.  Guys can learn to acknowledge shortcomings, share credit when telling about accomplishments, and put the relationship before themselves during conflict.  Can women practice more humility too?  No, we don't need to.  Haha!  Of course. But we're talking about appealing qualities in guys here.  And we like a humble dude.

Fantasy Football is a great outlet for the trash-talkin' this fall.  Practice all the arrogance you want with the "You Kaepernick the Future" team or "My Favorite Marshawn."  (Fantasy football team names are the best!  Google 'em!)  And then share the credit for all of those fantasy wins with your lovely wife or girlfriend.  This will be the perfect fall!