It's Halloween after all! I have been a part of the 'blood curdling scream' contest for years and it is one of my favorite things. Join us on Monday morning for a chance to win Halloween fun passes.

This is a simple contest and we are giving away tons of last minute prizes that have to do with Halloween/fall fun in the area. Imagine the scene in "Psycho" ( the scary Halloween movie from the 60's) where the killer opens the shower curtain and has a knife! The lady screams... that is the scene you are reenacting. You can also think of how you would scream if you were scared just watching a scary movie. People are always surprised how good it feels to be involved in the 'blood curdling scream' contest.

The 'blood curdling scream' contest is just that, give us your best blood curdling scream to win!! You can call OR send a video/recording of your blood curdling scream. This will be going on Monday morning from 5:45-9:45 am with Billy and Charene. Remember you can call 208-376-5106 or do it when you have time and send it to us on Facebook, or email at There will be multiple winners. 


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