I recently got a roommate over the summer who also has a beast of a black lab. I wasn't quite sure what to think but now we are getting along well.

"Brock" is a full breed lab, and he is all 100 lbs of it that is for sure.  He has lots of energy of course and at first that can be overwhelming and as a puppy almost uncontrollable for the poor guy. As he is getting older he is getting so much better and also just spending more time together has helped. Although he is still a puppy.. as you can see.


Most recently Brock has started to really protect me, he has done it a few times. He comes over sits in front of me and stares and barks at the door and I know someone or something is out there. It's just a comfort to have that ya know. Knowing that a huge beast is protecting you makes you feel good.



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