Did you know Wiener Dog Racing was a thing? Did you know it was illegal in Idaho? Well, maybe not for much longer if the Idaho legislature gets it's way...


Who knew that you couldn’t race wiener dogs in Idaho? I mean just for fun…not betting on them like you would Greyhounds.  I know it because one of our sister stations, Wow Country last year tried to have a fun wiener dog race until they were informed that it was a felony and could land them in prison for five years and a $50,000 fine.

According to KBOI TV news a new bill in the Idaho legislature would amend this.

The bill was originally written to end pari-mutial Greyhound Dog racing in Idaho, but lawmakers decided to include all dog breeds….yes even wiener dogs.

So luckily the legislature is on the job and can close this crazy loop hole so we can all begin having fun racing our wiener dogs…..just don’t place any bets on the race



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