It's officially the worst day of the year...every spring we lose an hour of sleep...and in my opinion, for no good reason. Daylight Saving Time begins March 12th. I HATE Daylight Saving Time, and it's not exactly healthy for us....

I love the fact that during the summer, it doesn’t get dark until after 10pm, but I would give it all up, to not have to put up with that stupid one day of springing forward. Actually, Sunday isn’t so bad…but for the next week or two, I get really crabby

It has also been proven that the time change is hard on our bodies. Not enough sleep and time confusion increases the risk of having a stroke by 8%. It is especially dangerous for elderly people. People 65 and older are 20% more likely to have a stroke due to the time change.

Here are 10 reasons to hate the time change.

  1. It takes 2 weeks to reset our internal clock
  2. You are constantly tired for the first week of work
  3. You are confused
  4. It increases you chance of having a stroke
  5. It increases you chance of having a heart attack
  6. It increases your chance of having a car accident up to 2 weeks after the change
  7. For those of us who like, or must go to bed early…It’s impossible to get to sleep.
  8. It’s a huge pain in the arse to change all the clocks in my home and car
  9. I don’t know how to change the clock in my car so it’s wrong 6 months out of the year
  10. During the Fall time change it gets dark way too early

Some studies are about the time changes are pretty scary. A 2007 study published in Current Biology said that we never really adjust to Daylight Saving Time. The researchers explained “that the biological clock is in tune to natural changes in light throughout the seasons, and doesn't respond well to artificial or social changes in the time”.

So can we somehow get the Idaho Legislature to join Arizona and Hawaii, to just abolish Daylight saving time altogether?

At the most is will save some of us from heart attacks, stroke or a car accident and at the very least, It will be one less day of the year that I’m crabby.

Don’t forget to spring ahead before you go to bed on March 11th and while you’re at it,  check the batteries on your smoke detector


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