Thanksgiving is finally here and what a way to end this year's biggest holidays by going virtual. I wonder if the word virtual is this year's most used next to COVID-19 and coronavirus.

We can all agree that this year's Turkey Day will be like no other It's not just because of the obvious but most families will celebrate it away from each other. That means no traveling to eat 3 separate meals. You're cooking yourself and that just added to the anxiety meter. How do I make all this food and what's the correct way to duplicate Mom's Turkey?

I'm going to let you figure out the remix of family secrets on dressing, turkey, and pies. The one that really has me scratching my head and seems to be somewhat of a controversy, cranberry sauce.

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I'll start by saying I'm not that guy. I keep it simple and maybe it's just the gravy rolling into the sweet cranberry that does me in. Seeing cranberries out of a can on a dish isn't shocking to me but there is a battle out there amongst women.

My wife was discussing this and I asked how you make it out of a can? Well, I'm an idiot because it just slides out on to a dish. That's how. Then I asked, "how do you make it the other way?" she kind of looked at me oddly as she picked up the Ocean Spray bag of cranberries and turned it over, "like this." Okay. Alright. I'm sure that's not exactly how but at least it does the trick.

This year will be different considering maybe you won't be making everything. You could be the pie perfectionist in your family and now it's all on you. My advice is to make sure you have toilet paper and cleaning supplies! That seems to be out of stock more than your precious cranberry cans of amazement.

I wonder what are boy Doggface208 would say? I mean isn't he the spokesperson for Ocean Spray these days? If you're looking to make cranberry specials this Thanksgiving you can take it easy knowing the recipe is on the back of the bag.

Courtesy: Kekeluv
Courtesy: Kekeluv

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