I've been following reactions, press conferences and coronavirus infections spike breaking records. This is happening across the country and it's getting worse everywhere. The Boise Mayor just recently made a plea to Idahoans on following safety measures.

The Mayor announced a COVID-19 health order that will penalize you if guidelines aren't followed. You can now call in someone that isn't following the rules.

Boise Mayor McLean did a live-streamed Zoom call with high-level St. Lukes, Saint Alphonsus, and Primary Health executives to discuss the current status of COVID-19 earlier this week. This meeting was a direct call on us to be responsible because the hospitals are beyond the red flags.

That brings us today as the daily cases continue to break records. Idaho had 1,637 cases confirmed which is the highest yet. Sadly, things don't look like they're slowing down and that brings us to this moment. Here's the latest on the new order.

  • The new order will take effect on Monday, Nov. 23, 2020.
  • Face coverings are required.
  • Limits to the city board and commission meetings.
  • Restrictions to Boise Aiport access.
  • Restrictions to other businesses in the Boise area.
  • Consequences for individuals and businesses who knowingly violate orders.

When the new order takes effect these facilities will be closed to the public opening after January 15, 2021

  • City Hall
  • City Hall West
  • City of Boise Libraries
  • Boise WaterShed
  • Foothills Learning Center
  • Boise Depot
  • Boise Urban Garden School
  • Fort Boise Community Center
  • James Castle House

The mayor also announced the closing of Idaho IceWorld, the Boise Senior Center, and Boise Municipal Pools through the Summer of 2021.

The city will partner with the business community to protect businesses adhering to public health protocols and hold those that are not accountable.

That comes from the Mayor's press release which you can see on the website below.

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