Here I am trying to eat better and I come across this terrible moment. It's National Fast Food Day and that means we have this awful reason to go eat quick satisfying foods. I mean the really good for you options.

You can thank me later considering I can make my own decision up on what my favorite fast food is. I can at least give you the reasons to eat fast food today and save money with some specials to celebrate the day.

Arby's - Giving away free fries and a free soft drink with the purchase of one of their signature sandwiches. You have to sign-up for the mailing list.

Baskin Robbins - Free scoop of ice cream by downloading the app and signing in.

Burger King - While this might be one of my favorite fast-food spots we should be able to agree the Whopper is the best. Download the app and get a free Whopper with purchase at Burger King.

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Domino's - Deals vary by location. Check with local locations.

Jack in the Box - Unlock deals at Jack in the Box by signing up for the mailing list.

Jimmy John's - Get a free sandwich at Jimmy Hohn's when you make your first order with Freaky Fast Rewards.

Little Caesars - Receive four pepperoni slices, eight Italian Cheese Stix, and a Crazy Sauce for $6 at participating Little Caesars.

McDonald's - Receive your choice of a Sausage McMuffin with Egg, a McChicken, or a Cheeseburger for free when you download the McDonald's app.

Popeyes - Get a free side with your purchase of a family meal.

Subway - Free footlong sandwich when you buy two and order through the app or online.

This isn't going to knock you off your chair. I feel like most of the celebratory discounts or freebies come in way of app downloads. If you're looking for a discount, tired of cooking or crazy fast food this might be your deals.

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