Finding out what's really happening on Cyber Monday can be somewhat confusing like the Blackberry in that photo above (it was the best I could find.) So many businesses already started Cyber Monday to reach people staying at home during the other big shopping day, Black Friday.

I think Walmart was one that had like 3 different phases of Black Friday that began the first week of November. It's been nothing but sales at American's favorite everything store. I found the mother of all lists which means you won't need to look anywhere is to see who is having a sale.

I came across one page that lists the business, the types of sales, and everything is put in a category. It's safe to say that the entire staff at CNN worked on this list for weeks before posting up. This list is great because it goes deep.

You can visit the actual store's website but that's like walking into a gym with no plan. I need someone else to detail everything out so I can go directly for what I need. Save me, time people! This is a good list because it's for everyone and everything. Be smart and do your research too. I don't think you need to worry about people running out of the product but those sales could be timely.

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Shopping Tip: Looking for an upgrade on television? Be careful to choose the tv that has everything loaded inside. Purchasing a tv with Roku already installed works wonders and you can install Apple TV in the Roku app. If you want a good deal with a great 2-year warranty then look at Costco.

Shopping Tip when shipping: Pay close attention to dates because missing yours could put that sweet gift in the hands of your loved ones weeks later. Click here for Mallory's complete deadlines and dates.

Buzz Gift this year: Theragun is just one of the items you'll see for sale on this list. This is a hot item everywhere this year and it's all about recovery. You might see athletes on the sidelines with this massage tool that they hold like a gun. These are everywhere and they work. All that said you get what you pay for. Research it. You can find the same kind of item under different brands. This is becoming one of those hot gifts you'll see at Walmart. Now you know.


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