Well, "You're a mean one...Mr. Grinch!" It's funny that I never got into this Christmas movie growing up. Honestly, it's my wife that introduced me to the movie and most Dr. Seuss books.

I wasn't a fan of the original cartoon, Jim Carrey's version was good but we all love the last movie in 2018. I've watched that over and over with Lennox and Leo. Well, Merry Christmas, because Trader Joe's is selling Grinch, inspired trees.

What is something inspired by the Grinch in the form of a Christmas tree? Are you really going to give it to a Grinch in your life? I've seen the photos and these trees are really cool and Trader Joe's stays supreme on their low prices with these trees.

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Say hello to the Cypress Grump Trees exclusive to Trader Joe's. I guess these came out last year but you have to get one for 2020. Everyone needs a Grump tree with a sign that says anything with 2020 in the sentence. It's fun and cute.

These little trees look bigger in the photo but sit in a 4-inch pot with these trendy red sacks that are tied by gold ropes. The trees are tied up with a pretty red bow with a nice slant like from the movie. I love the red and green Christmas ornament that helps pull the tree to one side. I'm going to guess these could go quick so if you need one because you're single or want one for the kids you might wanna look soon.

This Grump Tree is only $7.99.

  • Trader Joe's in Boise, 300 S Capitol Blvd (208) 336-7282
  • Trader Joe's in Meridian 2986 N. Eagle Rd, (208) 506-2978

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