I admit, that I ask Google some crazy things. We've all done it - resorted to the web to answer some ridiculous question.Idaho's most Googled "Why Do" question really seems quite silly...

Why do men have nipples?  See now that it's out there, you probably want to Google it yourself don't you?

Credit: Mental Floss
Credit: Mental Floss

When I was a kid my parents' replies to such inquiries were always "because I said so" or "they just do", but thanks to technology, Google is now our go-to and seems to have all the right answers.

Recently AT&T used Google trends to help track down the most asked "Why Do.." questions in each state. Some of them, especially Idaho's, are bound to give you a laugh.

Floridian's asked "Why do I feel so alone?"

South Carolinian's, obviously experiencing some humidity issues, asked "Why do I sweat so much?"

Californian's want to know "Why do flies like poop?"

Residents of Washington asked "Why do cats like boxes?"

And, here in Idaho we really want to know "Why do men have nipples?"

Google's answer: Humans follow the same genetic blueprint in the womb and develop nipples during the first several weeks. It isn't until later (6-7 weeks gestation) that a gene on the Y chromosome induces changes that lead to male body parts. By then the nipples aren't going anywhere!  Damn...now I want to Google, can you really milk anything with nipples, like Greg said in the "Meet the Fawkers" movie.

To see the full list of each states' most asked Why Do questions click on the link below:

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