If you are not a football fan, and didn't see the NFC championship, then you probably didn't know that you should hate Richard Sherman, because of his trash talk rant after the game.  He's been called ignorant, classless arrogant and worse.  Seriously what did he really do?

I've kept quiet about my personal thoughts, but I can't stand keeping quiet anymore.  First he's been called classless.  Really?  He plays a game...a game in which players dress in armor, pads and helmets and try to know the opposing players heads off...yeah that's real classy.  If you want class in football, dress up the players in tuxedos and top hats and have a dance off for cripes sakes.   Richard Sherman is not the first player in the heat of the moment to talk trash, nor will he be the last....watch film from San Fransisco the week before against Carolina for proof.

Sherman isn't arrogant, he is confident and if you ask football coaches in the NFL who the best cornerbacks in the NFL are....Sherman would be mentioned by every one as the best or one of the best....he knows that.  Why is that arrogant....he even admits that he isn't the best defensive player on his own team.

As for being ignorant...just because your opinion is that his statement was ignorant, doesn't mean he's ignorant.  He came from a very rough neighborhood in Compton in L.A. and worked hard on his grades and football to put himself into position to get an education from Stanford.  He graduated with a 3.9 GPA from Stanford, one of the most prestigious colleges in the country.  And more proof that he's pretty smart....who have we been talking about since the championship games?  Not Peyton, Not Wilson or Lynch.....everyone has been talking about a 5th round draft pick, who will only make a $550,000 this year and that no one outside of Seattle really knows anything about.  Getting paid outside your salary is all about marketing and getting your name known...this is a chance to get P-A-I-D....which in my opinion is brilliant.

Richard made a comment this week that you shouldn't judge him based on what he does inside the lines...if you are going to judge him, judge him for the type of man he is off the field, what he does for his community and his family.  He gives millions to Seattle charities..he visits kids in hospitals on a regular basis and his name hasn't shown up on the police blotters for doing stupid things.

.....And lets face it.  NFL football is entertainment, and I for one was entertained by his rant...even Erin Andrews, the FOX sideline reporter who was interviewing him, said she was entertained.

Now with all that being said, if Richard Sherman was cornerback for the San Fransisco 49ers, I would hate him with a passion and think he was the most classless man in America.  And maybe that's what it's all about.  People are jealous that he doesn't play for their team....because if you asked NFL team owners to raise their hand if they'd like to have him on their team, 32 owners would raise their hand and pay any amount for the pleasure to write him a check every week.