This has been a busy week already with the Presidential Inauguration, national buzz surrounding the insane amounts of lottery payouts, and now some Boise State Football news.

The Broncos hired Andy Avalos from the Oregon Ducks and it's been a hiring spree ever since. The coaches are getting younger with a ton of energy and now some Superbowl history. Welcome back, Jeron Johnson.

This has to be excited if your a Boise State Football fan over the years. The Broncos have wasted no time as former head coach Bryan Harsin took off to Auburn. New Head Coach Andy Avalos has been making new hires every day and this is just another exciting addition.

Having been part of this brotherhood, Jeron understands our culture and knows what we're building on here. He has lived this student-athlete experience, taken what he learned into a professional career - both on and off the field - and I am excited to have him here, mentoring the young men we're bringing into this program."

That comes from Avalos who looks like he's grabbing a bunch of friends to come play some football. This just feels like it's going to be a ton of fun watching as the guys build a new time for Bronco Nation.

I think we still have a few more coaches to be added, but so far it looks great! There is something to be said about coaches who were previous players. It's even more important if they played with championship mentality and experience.

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