Hey y’all, we’re giving you a shot at winning $10,000!

This contest is happening through April 29, and all you need to do is download the free app and listen weekdays (8am-5pm) for the codewords that we’ll be sharing.

When you hear the codewords, enter em’ into the station app for your shot at winning $10,000.

Find all of the contest info here.

When you think about winning $10,000… you can’t help but let your mind wonder things like what you would do, where you would travel, or who you would tell.

Personally, I would use it for boring things like paying student loans and bills, and I’m 1000% sure I would immediately tell my mom about it :)

But then I was curious, who would other people tell? So, I posted the question on Facebook asking Idahoans who they would tell FIRST if they won the $10,000 grand prize :)

Here are your answers!

Who Idahoans would tell first if they won $10,000 :)

Gallery Credit: Parker Kane

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