Okay, so I've had Idaho Pizza Company, I've had Flying Pie, Smokey Mountain Pizzeria, Guido's, but who has the BEST?

Ordered a LARGE pizza from Guido's the other night, authentic New York style pizza and this thing was MASSIVE! I really enjoyed Smokey Mountain Pizzeria the few times I've had it, mostly because I like creating my own pizza with weird ingredients. My last pizza had chicken, ham, garlic, ricotta cheese and cilantro on it and I thought it was amazing. And it was fantastic the next day.

I really like Idaho Pizza Company, and I like sitting down and enjoying the buffet and their little cinnamon things, but what's your favorite Treasure Valley Pizza? Local OR chain? I'll acknowledge that I love local pizzas, but I also love classics like Papa John's, they might just have my favorite chain pizza, and it might just be because of the buttery garlic sauce they throw in there.

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