Let the arguments begin. Who has the best donuts in Idaho. I haven’t traveled the entire state, so I’m limited to the Treasure Valley. I really like Krispy Kreme plain donuts hot off the cooker…delicious, but I also like old fashioned donuts with chocolate on top from Albertson’s, Apple Fritters from Pastry Perfection and of course I couldn’t write about amazing donuts in Idaho without mentioning the Bacon Maple bars from DK Donuts, but the best donuts in Idaho apparently come from

Guru Donuts.  Thrillist put together their best donut list for each state. In Idaho, they’re big believers in Guru Donuts in Boise. According to their experts here’s why Guru Donuts co-owners Kevin and Angel Moran are to be admired...“The Moran's weren’t serious bakers until they realized Boise needed a gourmet donut shop, and since no one else stepped up, they asked a neighbor to teach them the art of frying dough.” That’s right, Idaho’s best donuts come from people who didn’t even know how to make donuts themselves until they asked their neighbor.

And now that neighbor can take pride in knowing that they are indirectly responsible for creations such as the Charlie Brown, a pumpkin donut with a root beer glaze, among others.

I haven't had the pleasure of trying a Guru donut YET, but that is coming very quickly, because I just found out they also make Bacon Maple bars.  I also love that they donut left overs every day to non profit agencies

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