I'm a fool for a good breakfast. Some of my favs are Fork on 8th Street, Mo Joe's, Express Cafe (both in Meridian). A California favorite (hear me out before you goff) has arrived and has my full endorsement...

  • Fork in downtown Boise is an amazing brunch spot. Honestly, they're great for brunch, lunch, dinner dates, meetings. Fork is actually home to the best mashed potatoes I've ever had in my life (and I live in Idaho).
  • Moe Joe's quickly became a favorite when me and my fiancé moved to Meridian. They had the tastiest omelet I've ever had in my life (and I lived in Denver for a time).
  • Express Cafe in Meridian seems to be a place I've only ever gone to alone. I love the old school diner vibe, it's usually pretty busy on the weekends but I like to go sit at the bar and order breakfast. I usually will get a donut while I wait for my meal to arrive. Tasty for sure.
  • The Original Sunrise Cafe, Joe Momma's, Terri's Cafe and Black Bear Diner are all amazing Treasure Valley breakfast spots as well, and please, feel free to add to the list (comment on our Facebook page or DM us through the Mix 106 mobile app)

I'd like to introduce you to the Broken Yolk Cafe, which just opened in Meridian. I used to go to the original Pacific Beach (San Diego, CA) location because I lived just down the street from it and I can vouch for it. I grew up in Vegas but I lived in San Diego for two years (don't bite my head off for having lived in California, please). So I'm really picky when it comes to breakfast and Mexican food. Broken Yolk Cafe is amazing and they have an incredible selection of drinks. Between waters, coffees, juices, mimosas and chocolate milk, my fiancé and I once had more than ten drinks at our table. Photo above. #NoRegrets.

They also have great pancakes, waffles and all your traditional favorites. Broken Yolk is now open in Meridian off of Ten Mile and McMillan. Try it, maybe you'll like it. Or, try one of the many others listed in this article. Your taste buds will thank you!

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