What's a girl to do....you love Wine and you love Girl Scout cookies...but which cookie pairs best with which wine? It's a mystery...that is until now.


Wine s an amazing beverage..not only can you get drunk, drinking it, but it can enhance the flavor of food, even Girl Scout cookies. But which type of wine pairs best with which cookie?  Thanks to Refinery29.com, the research has already been done for you.

I personally only like the Somoas and thanks to my wife, I now have a whole case of Somoas...now I just need a case of Rioja wine to go with it, because that's what pairs the best with Samoas.

Click on the link below to find out which wine pairs best with your favorite cookie...keep in mind just because the wine that's listed is a Washington Syrah, I'm sure you can keep it local and use a Syrah from here in the Treasure Valley and it would taste just as good.

Happy drinking and eating...and remember you're not getting drunk, your helping the Girl Scouts of America


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