With all the snow this winter..it's been bad for drivers but great for sledding. Here's a list of best sledding spots in the Treasure Valley...Do you agree?

With all the snow and extra time off for kids because of all the snow days, you might be looking for a great sledding spot to enjoy...but where is that?

According to onlyinyourstate.com three of the top spots in Idaho are located within a few minutes drive here in the Treasure Valley....but these are all tubing hills...and they cost money...what about free sledding?

Why didn't Simplot hill make it...as any kid will tell you..it's got everything...a steep hill, wide open spaces and it's a little dangerous if you don't come to a complete stop before you get to the street.

OK, how about Camel's Back....great hill, a lot of space and a lot safer.

Where are other great spots?  Share below in the comment section. It's been a long time since we and our kids have seen such great snow to go sledding on, so let's take advantage of it before it's gone.



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