2020 has been, at the very least, unpredictable. So how can we go about predicting this? And are you excited about or are you concerned that 2020 is going to be Snowpocolypse part two?

When I came out here to interview last December everyone told me that the weather in the Treasure Valley was amazing and that it actually doesn't snow that much, that we get pretty mild winters and I thought, well this is great news!

But then they go on and they do say, however, there was that one year (2016, was it). Snowmageddon, or Snowpocolypse, or Snow disaster or SNOW yaaaaaaasssss if you liked it.

According to my friend Michelle over at our sister station, Lite FM, we typically see our first snow in mid November but last year was particularly unique when the first snow came before Halloween, two days before Halloween on October 29th to be exact. That's hard to picture here in early October where the forecast for the foreseeable future doesn't have a high lower than 73 but October is a month of change and 2020 is a year of surprises so I suppose, in true 2020 fashion, anything can happen.

I also heard a friend saying the beehives are higher in the trees which is indicative of a snowier winter. Any truth to this? Will 2020 be the next SNOW YAAAASSSSS? Or Snowmageddon? Whatever you want to call it?

Want to start placing your bets? When will the Treasure Valley see it's first snow in \2020? October? November? December? Would love to hear from the natives!

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