As we get closer and closer to the 12 Days Of ChristMIX toydrive, I'm looking at my wardrobe and I'm not ready to live in the cold for 12 days. Heated pants? Long Johns? How do you keep warm when you're out in the cold for long periods of time?

Who's the expert on warm clothing? So the average temps for December 3rd-14th are around a high of 40 and low of 23. Boise gets about 9 days of precipitation in December as well so according to that math, I should see at least 3-4 days of snow or rain during Toy Drive. I'm kind of an indoor guy so I'm wondering what I should wear? Heated pants to keep my butt and legs warm? Gloves? What are the best shoes to keep my feet dry without looking ridiculous?

Who has weathered a winter outdoors before because honestly, I usually go from my house to my truck (which I use remote start to heat up before I get out) and that's a wrap. I'm going to be living in the back of a semi truck trailer for twelve days collecting toys so I'm sure I'll be able to stay dry but the cold will be hard to avoid. Who's the pro and what do you wear?

For more info on the Mix 106 Moug & Angie Mornings 12 Days of ChristMIX Toydrive, click here and read all about it. We hope to safely see you at some point in the twelve days we'll be out there in front of The Village at Meridian! -Moug

This post below is old but the concept is cool!

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