I cringe when I think about this. There was something given to me that my grandma had intended to be a wedding present and I LOST it, before even getting married!

Yeah, I've got a bit of guilt over this. My grandma had my uncle storing boxes of china (y'know, like the fancy dishes?) for me, that were intended to be a wedding gift when I eventually got married. I'm not exactly into china, in fact I think it's mostly something that was valued by the older generations and doesn't have as much weight these days, but that's not the point.

I thought it was amazing that my grandma had planned for years to have this given to me when I got married, but she passed back in 2014, long before I ever met Stacy (my fiance).

Well, my uncle was moving a few years back and asked me to come pick it up so I did, and I thought I'd keep it in the garage for a while. I ended up moving like 3 times in two years before finally settling in Idaho and in the process, LOST the boxes of china.

Now that the wedding is approaching, I sit and think man, how crappy is it that my grandmother passed away intending to give something to me, which I later lost. I guess the silver lining is that I received the gift, I knew and understood the sentiment behind it, and I'm definitely grateful, but man does it feel like a punch to the gut that I didn't take better measures to make sure I didn't discard that stuff.

Have you ever lost anything valuable?

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