You Cannot Go Wrong With This Gift
People that are the hardest to buy for will love this gift, and those that seem to have everything can always use one more. This Christmas present idea could solve all of your gift-giving problems.
Does Your Kid Want a Hatchimal? We Can Help.
There's always that one (or two) toys every year that fly off the shelves and become the "it" gift for the season.
This year, it's Hatchimals!
They're furry creatures that start out in an egg. As you hold the egg and play with it, it makes noise from inside the egg...
A $100 Wedding Gift Might Be Too Cheap
April, May, and June are huge months for weddings, so your smart phone calendar might be filling up on Saturdays.
How much are you spending on a gift?  Brides and grooms are raking it in!  Here's how much we should be spending, and it varies depending on how close you are to the happy …
The Gift JD Almost Got Me
JD played the worst joke on me. He told me that he got me something that I have always wanted. I've dreamed of having one of these! Instead this is what I got.

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