We've looked at Barbacoa, Cottonwood Grille and Fork over on 8th street. Our wedding plan has changed to a small elopement and now we need a place for our dinner/reception. Who has Boise's best private dining room experience?

Barbacoa is beautiful, and fun, and a Boise staple. We really love the vibe and the food over at Cottonwood Grille, and Fork has been one of our favorite restaurants since we got to Boise. But we don't want to leave any stone unturned, we don't want to miss out on something great, and also, we don't have a massive budget. So where in Boise (preferably near downtown since we'll be getting married downtown) should we check out for our dinner/reception?

Our original wedding plan was to be at this gorgeous venue in San Diego with 125 people this past April, but ya know, Covid. We rescheduled the wedding for November 7th and a couple of months ago realized that we weren't going to have 125 people traveling to get to San Diego and we are tired of postponing the wedding so we've decided we're going to elope right here in our beautiful home of Idaho in early January 2021 with pretty much just immediate family so we'll end up with about 20-25 tops.

Now that we have a great elopement plan, we need a place to have our dinner/reception without going into massive debt. So I figured I'd turn to our Mix 106 audience for help. What restaurant in Boise has a great private dining room with great food and a great audience without breaking the bank? I'd love to hear from you!


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