What’s Your Advice For The Class Of 2020 Grads?
I'd tell them to chase their dreams NOW. Don't wait, go after it as hard as you can and whatever it is your passionate about, embrace it while you're young. Relationships, love, marriage, kids and all those things will happen naturally in due time, chase after YOUR dreams NOW!
Boise State Changes Graduation Plan Over Ticket Outrage
Students and parents were not happy about Boise State's plan to limit graduates to five tickets to watch the ceremony May 5th, and the school heard that loud and clear. They've changed the plan, and instead of one ceremony with the 5-ticket limit, the university will hold two ceremonies t…
Boise State Students; Don't Skip Graduation!
College graduation ceremonies can feel a little long, and your family might complain about having to listen to a list of names they don't recognize for two or three hours before yours is finally announced. But it's good to endure. If you skip the ceremony, you'll regret it.
Boise State's Top Ten Scholars Will Be Honored Friday
These are the smartest of the smart.  They are graduating seniors with GPAs of at least 3.8, they've earned stacks and stacks of honors, and they are finishing degrees in majors like business administration, biology, and health sciences.
Meanwhile, at work, we're watching giraffes have…
Student Surprises Classmates By Walking During Graduation
A student named Micah McDade graduated from high school last week in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, about 40 miles south of Tulsa.
Micah has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.  He surprised his classmates at their graduation ceremony on Friday, by WALKING across the stage to get his diplom…

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