American government isn't exactly smart and you can really tell by some of the stupid laws some states have passed and that includes Idaho. Did you know it's illegal to fish of a giraffe or a camels back in Idaho? How often was this happening for it to become law? But Idaho's dumb laws aren't the dumbest in the U.S.....not by a long shot.

In Alaska it's illegal to view a moose from an airplane.

In Colorado it's illegal to ride a horse under the influence. (who the hell is getting their horse drunk...that's just not right)

Rhode Island lawmakers made it illegal to bite off another persons leg. (I don't care who you are...that's impressive right there...biting a whole leg off another, just wow!)

In Massachusetts it's illegal to eat more than three sandwiches at a wake. (Dude, what are you in for?....Ate four samiches at Uncle Al's funeral) WTF?

here is an entire list of some of the stupidest state laws in our great land we call Merica!

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