Our country may be more divided now than any other point in almost two centuries, but at least we can all agree on this: Thanksgiving is NOT the time for healthy foods.  Except the people of Montana. They disagree.

Credit: Mental Floss, Us Map
Credit: Mental Floss, Us Map

General Mills just put out a list of the most popular Thanksgiving food in every state in the country.  It's based on the total searches for recipes since November 1st last year.

Pretty much every state's most common searched food was for something pretty unhealthy and delicious. The one exception was our neighbor Montana, who wanted to search "oven roasted vegetables."  Note to self:  Don't accept an invitation to a Thanksgiving dinner from anybody in Montana.

The rest of the results are as varied as the states themselves.  There were lots of states searching for different PIE recipes, including Delaware, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

California and Virginia both searched for mac-and-cheese recipes. Buffalo chicken dip was number one in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Meanwhile, Missouri focused on the day after Thanksgiving by searching for breakfast casserole.

What is Idaho's most searched dish?  Drum roll please. Biscuits. I mean biscuits are good and all, but only if served with something else, like gravy or turkey or anything.


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