Idaho's biggest invention and maybe the one of the greatest inventions ever, happened right here in Idaho and it was discovered by a 14 year old farm boy in Rigby Idaho....and you use it probably every single day.

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Most people don't know that back in 1921 a teenager from Rigby, Idaho named Philo Farnsworth invented the Television set.  I don't know about you, but this in my opinion is right up there with the greatest inventions of all time...I use it every single day.

Researchers in Kansas recently put together a list of each state's best invention that's made the biggest impact on the world.

There aren't really any DUMB things on the list.  They're all pretty major . . . and sorry kids, the fidget spinner didn't make the list.  (If you care though, it was invented way back in 1993 by a woman from Oklahoma who lives in Florida now.)

Some of these inventions are way better than others though….

It's debatable, but the Internet might be the MOST important invention on the list.  Contrary to popular opinion, Al Gore didn’t invent the internet…. A professor at M.I.T. in Massachusetts came up with it in the late '80s.

A few more big ones include the iPhone, California . . . the personal computer, Florida . . . the cotton gin, Georgia . . . the TV, Idaho . . . the assembly line, Michigan . . . the ATOM BOMB, New Mexico . . . the credit card, New York . . . the airplane, North Carolina . . . and the automobile, Ohio.

A few that aren't QUITE on that level are the kayak, Alaska . . . the Taser, Arizona . . . the surfboard, Hawaii . . . the vacuum cleaner, Missouri . . . the ski lift, Nebraska . . . blue jeans, Nevada . . . Cream of Wheat, North Dakota . . . the parking meter, Oklahoma . . . diners, Rhode Island . . . and the modern shovel handle, Wyoming.

Click on the link below to see every states biggest and best invention and see if you agree.

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