According to Open Table, TODAY is the day to make your Valentine's dinner reservation. If you wait much longer, it could potentially become really hard to get a table. But that poses the question: Where's the best place to go?

So I've been here in the Treasure Valley for all of three weeks, so I don't have a ton of experience, restaurant-wise out here. I've been to Fork downtown, which is AMAZING! I've been to Tucano's Brazilian Steakhouse twice and that's gotta be among the best bang for your buck, I went to Twigs at The Village when I was here for my job interview and that was pretty fantastic too.

But now, my fiance is here, and she hasn't been to as many places, I'd really like to woo her this Valentine's Day. I've heard that Barbacoa is an awesome spot, but what else is there? I LOVE a cool, local spot over a chain 9 times out of 10. I live in Meridian and there seems to be some cool spots in the old downtown area. I also wouldn't mind going for a bit of a drive.

Either way, get on that reservation before it's too late!

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