The Census is back and will be coming to Idaho in 2020.  There are big reasons to take part and the impact will be felt in the Gem State for years to come. 

The United States Census happens every 10 years, so it seems there is a lot of mystery or misunderstanding about what it does or doesn't do when you participate.

The process is already underway in Alaska, the first location of this year's census, thought the process will soon come our way.  The purpose is to count and document every person living in the country.

Invitations for census will be distributed to households all across the country in the month of March, and the impact of the answers and information provided has an immediate impact.

The census is the tool used to assign billions of dollars in federal funding for programs that include educational and social services, government programs, and infastructure.  It also determines how many seats each state will will be assigned in the U.S. House of Representatives, and directs the drawing of legislative districts too.

It's more than just an annoyance and has an impact that is felt for at least ten years.

You can read more on the census and how the information is used in a story from the Idaho Press.

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