There has been a lot of talk over the last few months leading up the 2020 Census.  I got my forms in the mail last last week, and completed it online.  It was crazy easy. 

Census officials had been warning us (reinforced with some active marketing) that participation was both essential and simple, and the latter portion turned out to be exactly right in my experience.

My packet gave basic instructions and unique code for my address.  It did not know my name or any detail about who I am (until I provided some with the questions inside the census questions.

The United States Census occurs every 10 years, so this might be the first time you or someone you know has been in the position to be impacted by it.  The goal is to count and document every living person inside the boundaries of the United States.

Thought it may seem like a 10 minute procedure that doesn't have any direct impact on your life, odds are it does.  It's used to allocate federal funds for programs from local schools to improvements in infrastructure.  It is also used to determine representation levels in the United States House of Representatives and can alter the way local legislative districts are shaped.

Census staff will be attempting to get numbers and responses from our area homeless and hope that we will all take the 10 minutes to complete our questions.

I have to say after doing it, it was no big deal.



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