The US Census is looking for workers to help count people this spring, and there are 600 positions still open in Ada County.  The job lasts about eight weeks, so it may be the perfect temporary side hustle.

Mailers will go out in early March asking all of us how many people live in our homes, and if those mailers aren't returned, a US Census worker will come knocking on our doors to find out.  In Ada County, they're still looking for 600 of those door knockers to follow up on the mailers starting in late March.

Boise Weekly said the pay will be between $17.50 and $18, and you just have to be 18 years or older, be a U.S. citizen and have a valid email address. You'll also have to pass a criminal background check.

You may think that mailer is just another form to fill out, but the results of the US Census are really important.  Not only will the final numbers show how much Boise and the Treasure Valley have grown over the past ten years, but the results will also impact laws and influence planning for the next decade.  The population count influences Idaho's representation in Congress, it impacts how much money we'll get for health, education, housing, and other programs, and if the population grows it could show a need for new roads, hospitals, and schools.  Okay, so I just talked myself into sending the form back pronto.  You too?

If you want to get that part-time job with the Census you can apply HERE, or call the US Census office in Boise at 208-202-3163 for more info.  Don't wait too long because they're looking to hire and train real soon.

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