Football season is upon us. BSU kicks of 2017 with a game this Saturday against Troy State. As BSU Bronco fans we all know the BSU 2007 Fiesta Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners was the most amazing game we've ever seen, but where does it rank according to other non BSU fans in America?

Harris Highlights,
Harris Highlights,

SBNation just ranked the top 25 college football games since 2000 and believe it or not, the rest of America believes the same as we do.


That the 2007 Fiesta Bowl is the number one college football game played since 2000. There's a reason why you can walk in to any Sears or Walmart in the Treasure Valley and still see the game being played on the new display televisions.   In my opinion it's the best game ever played and at the very least the best game I've ever seen.

To see all the other games it beat out check out the top 25 below. Do you agree?



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