A new study posted by Buzz Feed found the most hated random thing in every state.  Iowan's hate long hair on dudes. Coloradoan's hate 'N SYNC and Minnesotan’s hate drinking alone. What do Idahoan’s hate most?

Seriously, with everything going on in our country, I’m not sure this is really a great time to be talking about all the different things people HATE, but here we are.

There's a dating app called Hater that matches people up by what they HATE.  And they just analyzed their data to figure out what people in every state hate the most.  The results are ALL over the place, but here are some highlights:

Colorado hates  'N SYNC. (well.. Bye, Bye, Bye)

Illinois hates biting string cheese. How else do you eat string cheese?

Pennsylvania hates people who use money clips. That's why I don't live in Pennsylvania.

Nebraska hates friendly reminder emails. How about unfriendly email reminders?

Nevada hates feminism.  Yikes!

Missouri hates people who believe in aliens.

Iowa hates long hair on guys.

Idaho, by the way hates people who ask for directions. Excuse me!


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