Dumb. That's all I can say it was dumb. Either dumb,or really bad timing. I wanted to spend some time out of the office in this amazing weather we are having . Bright blue sky, temps sitting right at 60 something perfect for windows rolled down and Mix 106 up on the radio.

As I was taking in the sites of downtown I happen to glance down at my phone, pick it up and drive off with it in my hand. BIG MISTAKE. My trip down 9th street was cut short by the flashing blue lights in my rear-view mirrors. I knew almost instantly what  was going on. While talking on the phone is completely legal while driving in the state of Idaho, anything that takes your eyes away from the road is not.

Credit: JD Hanks Pictures
Credit: JD Hanks Pictures

Officer Corona was incredible nice and I respect the boys and girls in blue for what they do everyday.Although it was kind of funny when I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking a "selfie" with me after the ticket. I'm not sure he gets that too often. I wasn't excited to tell my wife about the ticket however.

If you are interested in researching some of the laws of the road concerning hand's free and texting click here. Idaho is one of only a few States that does not a have law prohibiting the use of phones while driving.The good officer told me that the only acceptable use of phones while driving is to use it as a phone, anything else is considered distracted driving. From now on, I've made the commitment to turning off my phone while I'm in the drivers seat. No more sending that quick text or making that 2 second phone call. It's way to easy to be distracted and that is something that I never want to do again.




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