Slow Idaho Drivers Can Get a Ticket for Doing This
Speeders and aggressive drivers might be the obvious ones to get traffic tickets, but officers are also looking for slow drivers. Those folks will get a ticket in a certain situation. This is the one time that speeding up can actually help you avoid a citation.
Why I Was Pulled Over
On my way home last night, I had what my mom once explained was "the chance to meet a very nice Officer." I wasn't arrested, but I was pulled over, and I am guilty. Here's what happened.
Is This Legal In Idaho?
I was driving into work this afternoon and noticed something not uncommon throughout the Treasure Valley; A rear-mount bike rack on the car in front of me  But, is it legal to do it this way?
Well That Was A New Way To Find Out About An Idaho Law
Dumb. That's all I can say it was dumb. Either dumb,or really bad timing. I wanted to spend some time out of the office in this amazing weather we are having . Bright blue sky, temps sitting right at 60 something perfect for windows rolled down and Mix 106 up on the radio...