Idaho guys and gals, we're in a league of our own when it comes to quirky behaviors.

What do we mean by that? Our constant need to issue "the wave" in traffic, in groceries aisles, and any other place else we encounter sentient beings is a fair place to start. And our obsession with all things local tends to be rather extra for the transplants and newcomers. We're also baffled by the droves of people who don't get our passion for the Boise Farmers Market, the Boise GreenbeltBoise Music Festival, and anything pertaining to Boise State. Are we fanatics? Probably. But you're the one barking up our Tree Fort, so who's more at fault here?
Photo by GRAHAM MANSFIELD on Unsplash
Photo by GRAHAM MANSFIELD on Unsplash
What else would you expect from people who live in a state most Americans know nothing about? When we're not preoccupied with explaining why Idaho isn't Iowa, nor is it in the Midwest, or riddled with heathens, we find ourselves engaged in some fairly odd behaviors.
Before you engage in a serious relationship with an Idahoan, this is but a small glimpse of what you can expect from them down the road. We're not freaks per say, but generally speaking we do regard "normal" as little more than a setting on the dryer.

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