Cozied up on my couch with a glass of wine on Sunday night, I started the once-yearly task of planning my daughter’s birthday bash. Just like in years past, that’s when the soul and motivation-crushing anxiety kicked in.

The polar opposite of my girlfriends who take pride in planning Pinterest-worthy parties at their houses, I physically shudder at the thought. I cringed at how much energy I knew it would take to throw a party at our house with a kid VIP list twice as long as last year’s.

That’s when it happened, ya’ll.

Something inside me snapped, and I experienced what I call a mom-boss milestone.

After years of readying my home for parties that left it trashed and beaten like it owed a gang of eight-year-olds Sour Patch Kids, I was done.

Peace-out to the pre-game cleaning and cooking frenzy that left me an exhausted Debbie Downer. Deuces to the four-hour post party clean-up that made me resent icing and the existence of other peoples’ offspring.

From that moment on, in-home parties were yesterday’s blues.

Cool. But now what?

The way we roll, parties are as much for adults as they are for kids. The venue had to accommodate both. And since Treasure Valley locals are typically crazy for one of three things—their kiddos, the Greenbelt, or beer—the party on the Greenbelt idea took off.

Here’s the thing…Boiseans usually know their favorite paths and parks like the back of their hand, but confusion over where patrons can and can’t imbibe in proximity to the famed beltway throws some of us off.

That’s when I understood the assignment.

If you’re looking to throw yours or your kid’s next birthday bash on the Greenbelt, beer n’ juice and even wine are welcome at these six parks with a permit and reservation.

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