Ya know, this year has been pretty insane. We had a wedding planned for April 25th, then we moved it to November 7th and now, we're thinking we may just tie the knot in a teeny tiny ceremony at the Idaho Capitol Building.

The cool thing about this is it's a free venue, and a space you can reserve right there in the rotunda. We had spent THOUSANDS on our original venue and luckily got a good percentage of it back but at this point, we're not going to have a massive wedding. It's going to be more of an elopement with just our families and at this point, we're fine with it. We just want to get married.

So we looked at different options in and around the Treasure Valley and as we head closer to winter, outdoor weddings seem a bit intimidating to plan for. Someone recommended the Idaho Capitol building and we went and took a gander at it. Let me ask you, when was the last time you actually went into the Capitol Building in Downtown Boise? Was it a field trip as a kid? Man, this place is GORGEOUS and perfect for our small 2020 nuptuals.

It's not for certain, but we think this may just be the winner. There's still a ton to figure out; like where we're going to stay on our wedding night, where we're going to have our dinner and reception, I mean it's a lot. But it is great to know we have such great options to choose from here in the Treasure Valley.

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