In an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19, a new mask mandate enforceable by police takes effect.

A controversial move amidst a pandemic in which there are such drastically differing points of view and depending on your outlook could mean some relief that hopefully more lives will be saved or, if you don't like wearing a mask, that your ability to choose is being threatened. A mask mandate as part of a new public health order announced by Boise's Mayor McLean would call for individuals to be ticketed or arrested for the refusal to leave or wear a mask when asked inside a business and also calls for businesses to possibly lose their licenses for not enforcing mask wearing.

There has been a mask order in the city of Boise for a good portion of this year as Covid-19 has made it's away across the Treasure Valley but now there will actually be some level of enforcement. Children under the age of two are exempt from the mask order and will not be expected to wear them, there are other exemptions which are listed on the office of the Mayor's website, here.

This all comes after a rather serious uptick in cases in the state of Idaho as the weather has cooled down and people have naturally come indoors. Whatever the case, I hope that you and your family take care of yourselves and enjoy a happy and healthy holiday season, despite that chaos this year has brought upon us.

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