I've always said I would learn both of these things before I have kids but after what happened last night, I'm going to take a course as soon as I can.

I've always had this irrational fear of choking and dying while I'm eating alone one day. The good news is I've looked it up and it only happens to some 1.6 people out of every 100,000 so it's not a common occurrence by any means, but it certainly sounds scary!

Last night I was eating dinner with my fiance Stacy and I had like a weird hiccup/digestion thing, I knew I wasn't choking but Stacy sprung into action like a superhero! She jumped up and was ready to come over and save my life but I was like "no worries", just a hiccup!

Anyway, it did make me think... What if the opposite happened? I've never had any sort of training on the matter and I would have to hope I could pull it off as best as I could. So as soon as I get the opportunity, I'm taking a course!

Goosebumps and other bodily reactions, explained

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