This would just freak me out. Imagine driving along the stretch of 84 towards Bonner Ferry and then seeing this happen. YIKES!!!

The Northern Idaho town nestled in the picturesque mountains of beautiful trees and wide open spaces experienced an event that moved the earth. Literally!. A video that was taken from a worker at the Idaho Transportation Department caught this all on his smartphone. This just minutes after several smaller landslides, but this one he caught was the big one. What a mess.

WOW. What is super scary is the sound of the slide. Did you catch all that crackling? Yeah, that wasn't the snap crackle pop of the fireplace, that is a freaking mountain sliding down into the road. The mountain started to crumble and the workers jumped into action and stopped all Northbound traffic 3 minutes before the landslide made its way over the barriers and on the roads. Luckily no one was injured during the event. Damage to the side of the mountain as well as the interstate will take some time to repair.

So how does a landslide even start? Surveyor Matt Wilson who took the amateur video described the event and reasons for the landslide in the Spokesman-Review newspaper (read by clicking this link), Jake Melder, the spokesman for the Transportation Department gave a comment as well saying "

Small rivulets of water apparently had formed underground prior to the slide, The rivulets can be seen in the video after the slide moves down the hillside.The seeming slowness of the slide may have been due to roots and overburden in the slide.

Whatever the reason, this would be a super scary event to see, and hear. Kudos to the workers and crews on hand that handled the situation calmly. - JD

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