There is an argument that I'm having with my wife right now about our new little boy on the way. It's baby names and it has something to do with cabins. I've only stayed in one and it was dark (I'm a city boy so that isn't hard to do.)

That cabin could have only been the size of a kitchen. What about Idaho's largest log cabin? I found one in Bonner's Ferry and comes in at a whopping 21,000 square feet. Say hello to Big Idaho.

The real estate out in Idaho is booming and everyone is looking. It doesn't even matter if you have money, it's interesting to see how much value is in the market. My home isn't anything spectacular but I bought it years after the crash in 2008. Fast forward to 2021 and it's probably over doubled in value due to the demand. That also goes for log cabins and Big Idaho.

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This was once the largest log residence in the United States believe it or not. You too could take it home for a little $4,995,000 dollars. That's what the price was at one point as the housing market booms this could be in the $8 Million range but who counts.

This is what a 27,000 square foot log cabin gets you in the Gem State.

  • 7 bedrooms
  • 10 bathrooms
  • 100 acres
  • Your very own caretakers home
  • shop building
  • multiple private lakes and creek
  • 2-story room with skylights
  • Formal dining room
  • Custom wet bar
  • Gourmet eat-in kitchen
  • Indoor BBQ/wooden-fired pizza oven
  • 9 stone fireplaces
  • Wine cellar
  • Media room
  • Entertaining deck
  • 4-car garage
  • Volleyball court
  • Basketball court

There is nothing like a $5 million dollar Lincoln log cabin!

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